“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, then let’s go with mine.”

What is Pune TrafWatch?

Pune TrafWatch, conceptualized by ground data analytics startup ChangeBhai and Pune Traffic Police, is a a one-of-its-kind pilot project with:

- Thousands of Geotagged Images
- Machine Learning Processed Data

It is envisaged to be a robust collaborative data-based citizen engagement tool.

The core purpose is clear: As a proud Indian start-up highly commmitted to urban transformations, ChangeBhai talks clearly about action triggers and meaningful conversations only around real ground issues instead of providing solutions to problems that are not the priority for the citizens.

Access Live Data

The burning pain point that TrafWatch addresses is the complete absence of a platform for citizens to a. access the city ground data collectively and
b. engage around that data meaningfully to trigger action and not on a one-to-one basis like they do for grievance redressal or on an ad hoc basis on social media.

In a world where everybody seems to have an opinion on how to fix city’s problems, the most rational way for Pune Traffic Police is to have a platform where ground data, that directly or indirectly affects the city’s traffic, is brought together to create algorithms which will help us form opinions and take collection action.

Let the solutions come through pro-active planning not reactive actions and let everyone see how that translates into concrete actions.

Let's do it together

Solution = Data + Citizens + Authorities

Instead of talking about accountability and transparency behind closed doors or in meeting rooms, we strongly believe that the structured data be put up for a clearer picture to together look at the challenges we face and then, let a combination of algorithms and human intervention bring up clear actions that lead to effective solutions.

All the citizens need to do on Pune TrafWatch is view issues data (Map, Image gallery, Analytics section) and Action Taken in the form of challans issued. Pune TrafWatch also has other features that have received a lot of traction including Event Diversions.

We are

Committed to Real transformation of Pune using data.

CP Dr. K. Venkatesham(IPS)

Addl CP Dr.Sanjay Shinde(IPS)

DCP Pankaj Deshmukh(IPS)

PI Jagannath Kalaskar

Navrisham Kaur Grewal

Mayuri Jain

HC Praveen V. Ghadge

HC Gabhale M.D.